Can anyone help me make sense of my Path Report?

Hi I am hoping one of you knowledgable ladies can help. I saw my consultant again on Thursday 28th March and requested my path reports. He was reluctant to give them to me but did in the end. There are a couple of things on there that are “interesting”. I have had chemo and x2 WLE’s but not had success getting clear margins and am now due to go back in in May for a mx with immediate recon.
My first path report (original core biopsy at DX) : CLINICAL DETAILS P3, M5, U5 size 23mm. Estimated Grade 2. ER = 7, PR = 7. Understand most of that (with the exception of the P3, M5< U5 bit) that but this is the bit I am interested in : ADJACENT BREAST SCHOWS COLUMNAR CELL CHANGE. I have looked this up and seems ti indicate very early cell changes which may not turn into cancer. However, as I already have cancer, should I ask if I should consider a bil-lateral mx instead of single in light that I may end up with it in the other breast (by the way no BRCA or other genetics). Any advice gratefully received.
My second path report (1st WLE + Full clearance) : ER 7/8 (2+5). PR is focally positive (4/8). Her-2 was only partially hybridised but appears negative. It appears the receptor status may have changed on the PR side - should I be worried and push for an answer on this - my consultant brushed over this and said not to concern myself with it as it is only the PR bit that has changed?
My third path report (re-excision to try and achieve clear margins) : The cavity excision contains 2 small foci of high grade DCIS with cancerisation of lobules largest measuring 2mm and 10mm invasive ductal carcinoma. This has been graded as Grade 3. Is there any way to tell if this is new tumour or old tumour that did not respond to chemo?
I will be getting this breast off soon and to be honest can’t be done soon enough as convinced if I kept it I would have a recurrance. Just wondering if I should go the whole hog and get a double mx with recon and be done with it.
It doesn’t look like I am now going to have rads. If anyone can help with this I would be most grateful. I am a bit worried that the cancer seems to be getting more aggressive. Many thanks Emx

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Hi spookymoo,
Just read your bio and tread. And may I say I realise we are all different in many ways, but one thing most of us have in common is that we all would like to not have these kind of surprise’s. Having said that for me, the decision to have a double MX was very easy. Hearing I had BC once was more than enough for me!! I also weighed out the process of reconstruction, do I have both breasts under construction at the same time?Or just the one effectd and eventually then need to have natural breast possibly lifted and niple agmented? Or worse go thru all of this again…So many questions right?
So had chemo followed by surgery and reconstruction with expanders, going for rad treament in April. After rad, will see when I can have implants done.God bless you, I hope this helps you

Disappointing to hear that your oncologist was ‘reluctant’ to give you a copy of your path report - after all, it’s all about you. My BCN gave me a copy of my path report and explained every single detail therein. Therefore, my advice would be to go through it with someone in your specialist team. People on-line may (or may not) be knowledgable but the only people who know your case thoroughly are members of the professional team resoonsible for your care.

Wishing you all the best.