Can anyone recommend breast cancer specialist

Hi, I’m new to this and I am hoping someone has some great advice for me. I am living overseas and I have just had the news that cell tests following a lumpectomy have shown something (not too sure what as I don’t quite understand it all). I am really anxious to go back home to visit a really good and reliable specialist. When you are away from home you feel very vulnerable when it comes to situations like this.

Can anyone recommend which are the top breast cancer hospitals in the UK and who are the specialists to go to in them. Obviously, I will have to go privately as I live overseas, so area doesn’t matter, I am just anxious that I choose the right one. Preferably someone who will understand the anxiety of a wuss like me.

The Marsden in London is one of the top cancer centres in the world.I think the relevant specialist is called Andrew Johnson but I may be wrong.I have answered to bump this to the top for you.I am fairly sure I am right though.Vx

Hi tiamaria

Sorry to hear your about your diagnosis. I can imagine it must be really frightening being in another country whilst this is going on and having to deal with medical information in another language.

I think Horace is referring to Steven Johnston at the Royal Marsden. However he specialises in secondary breast cancer. I’m sure that if you were to contact the hopsital regarding a referral they would advise of the relevant consultants’ names and areas of speciality.

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Hi tiamaria

This link will take you to the ‘Dr Foster’ site where you can search for hospitals and consultants according to their speciality, it may help you with yoyur decision making:

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Sorry if I confused the issue!

Just to reiterate that it is also my belief that the Marsden is the best hospital - I have no idea about consultants there tho.

I think the Marsden or Christies in Manchester are probably the top two cancer hospitals.

Good luck