Can breast cancer lead to cervical cancer???

Hi all just a question are we at risk of secondaries of cervical cancer or is it unrelated
I had an abnormal smear a few weeks ago and have to hav a repeat smear in may. I kno this is quite common but I had to laugh at the letter ( how much can we get thrown at us) I’m 2 years from diagnosis and just over a year from finishing treatment. I’m suffering with my excess weight since treatment but iv had a bloated stomach for a fee months now I’m now desperately trying t diet for a holiday and havnt had any carbs or anything bad for 2 weeks and exercising as much as I can and it’s still no better I was just worried if it could be anything worse. I’m triple negative and suffering with lymphodemia and tiredness and I guess panicking in case its anything else and what else I should look for x rozita

Hi rozita,

Can’t really help but just wanted to send some support. I have a smear next week and also wondered about the effects of this last year. Hope all goes well next time round in May.


Hi Rozita

My understanding is having a breast cancer slightly increases our risk of ovarian cancer but this is rare and also they refer more so to carriers of the BRCA gene. Ive not read or heard cervical cancer mentioned as being linked to BC.

My doctors have just this week discovered what looks like an ulcer on my cervix.I have an IUD fitted and check my cervix for the string and recently felt a small bump on my cervix so I did the 2 week rule thing then went to my GP. Ive had a smear test just this week a year earlier than it was due, and a couple of swabs. I too am worried about Cervical Cancer but reading the symptoms of Cervical I don’t have any of the symptoms.

My ONC told me that chemo can cause abnormal smear results and I’m not to worry if it comes back abnormal as it will trigger a consultation with the gyne team to get a more thorough look.

It doesn’t stop me worrying though.

Hi Rozita

I was told that there is a slight small increased risk of getting cervical cancer if you have to be on tamoxifen following bc. But it is stressed as being small and they will check you out straight away if you have any unexpected bleeding. They sent me of for a scan immediately and everything was ok, just something to be aware of


Interesting as I have to take Tamoxifen, haven’t started it yet. I wonder if I can get yearly smear tests then instead of every three years


I know I read that there is a slight increase for uterine CA on tamoxifen. Perhaps one of our In-house experts can answer.

Following rozita’s query, we thought we would comment the following.

Rozita, sorry to hear about your abnormal smear result. I can understand that you may think this is related to breast cancer after having been diagnosed with it two years ago. The fact is that cervical screening is designed to pick up minor changes before any problems develop. Having an abnormal result is not unusual. Approximately 1:20 women have test results that show some abnormality and it is extremely rare that an abnormal change found on screening is actually cancer. An abnormal change shows small changes in cells which may be an early warning sign that over time could develop into cervical cancer.

If you click on the link below, you can read more about what your abnormal result means, and what to expect next:-

As far as we know, cervical cancer is not directly connected to breast cancer. There have been odd cases of secondary breast cancer (cancer that spreads from the breast to another part of the body) reported, but this is exceptionally rare.

Alexc23 and Libralady mention tamoxifen and a possible connection to uterine cancer. A less common side effect of taking tamoxifen is that it can affect the lining of the uterus or womb (known as the endometrium), which may become thickened. It is always important to report any signs of unexpected vaginal bleeding or pain to your GP or specialist. In a very few cases, prolonged use of tamoxifen may cause polyps or ovarian cysts or, even more rarely, cancer of the uterus (womb).

You may also wish to read Breast Cancer Care’s factsheet called Tamoxifen if you click on the accompanying link:-

We would encourage you to speak to your team or practice nurse about your concerns Rozita and if anyone would like to discuss any of this further, they are welcome to phone our Helpline and speak with one of our experienced nurses or specially trained workers.

Sam, BCC Facilitator

Tamoxifen can increase the risk of endometrial cancer from 18 in 100000 in the general population to 36 in 100000 on people on tamoxifen… There is no increased risk of cervical cancer related to tamoxifen use…

You have to remember that breast cancer occurs mainly in women and women have many other female only issues which some people will put down to an association with breast cancer whereas the association is actually that we are women.

Cervical abnormalities are common… Smokers are more likely to have an abnormal smear… If you have a Borderline or cin 1(mild dyskariosis) result this is normally followed up with a further smear at 6 months as they often return to normal… For 3 smears… Cin 2 and 3 (moderate and severe dyskariosis) normally you get referred to colposcopy so they can look at your cervix under a microscope… Cin isn’t cervical cancer but changes that can lead to cervical cancer if left untreated.

Hope your next smear is normal rosita.

Take care
Lulu x