Can chemo cause liver changes?

UPDATE Yeah it’s not good news. It has metastasized in the liver. Showing new spots. Basically the Capecitabine hasn’t worked and on Wednesday Karen will go onto a carboplatin chemo weekly. It’s **bleep**e. She’s had absolutely no good news since her hormonal treatments stopped working. Am desperate to hear anything positive. Sxx                        Hi everyone, twin sis is at hospital just now getting results from her scan. She finished her 3rd cycle of Capecitebine today. Scan shows thickening of the bones which onc said could be them getting stronger or cancer progression but it’s difficult to tell. I thought cancer eroded the bones? More worrying is that there are ‘changes’ in her liver so she’s heading for an ultrasound as soon as her acid bone wash is done. My question is, can Capecitabine cause liver changes and it’s not necessarily new mets? She’s on a tonne of other drugs too. Am beside myself! 

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