can I drive after blue dye injection for the sentinal node biopsy?

Can anybody shed any light on this query? My date for surgery has been brought forward - which is great, but messes up all arranements made, but I’m wondering whether I will be ok to drive after having the blue dye injections (both L and R breast) on Monday ready for op Tuesday? I’m needle phobic and eeded sedation for biopsies, but think I should cope with this procedure without? Am I being naive?

Hi bettyboppit

Sorry you haven’t had any replies to your question as yet, but hopefully someone will now see your message and reply.  In the meantime our helpline staff will be only too happy to help if you would like to give them a call.  Calls are free, 0808 800 6000

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hello Bettypoppit, I’m assuming you mean the injection to place the radioactive isotope ready for the blue dye which is injected when you have your op. It feels like a scratch and doesn’t really hurt so I imagine you should be absolutely fine to drive afterwards. Best wishes for your surgery, Pat x

Hi Trisha. Thanks for commenting. In the end I was lucky as my husband decided to take me, stay and bring me home again just now. The blue dye injection was ok, but I had a blood test first thing as part ofcthe pre-op and that was as usual a problem for me :(. Now I feel shattered, numb and I keep crying…what a state and this nightmare has only just started. I’m now well and truly terrified about tomorrow.
Thank you for your good wishes and to you with whatever you are going through. X