can i drive

can i drive

can i drive ive just been diaghosed with breast cancer and start chemo next wednesday i was just wondering if you can drive home from the hospital after the chemo. Ive got grade three aggressive breast cancer and are going onto the neo trial

Hi Ann. I have had two sessions of chemo and felt like I could have driven home on both occasions, but I didn’t! The docs advised me not to, as everyone reacts differently. I must admit if I lived around the corner I would give it a go, but with a 1/2 hr drive, what happens if you suddenly feel a bit squiffy. Having said that, hubs and I spent a couple of hours shopping after my first dose - so don’t be too worried and don’t listen to the horror stories. I now get one friend to take me and another to pick me up. All the very best for Wednesday. Cheers Anne x

Hi ann,

I have been on numerous chemos and have almost always been able to drive myself - I love driving and would rather take a friend as a passenger than be the passenger!! Control or what!! It was a 50m round trip.

lol Dawnhc

Driving Hi -

I felt quite off my head for a couple of hours after my first chemo - about 2 pints of cheap scrumpy in a pewter pot (you can see how I mis-spent my youth!)- taste and sensation. I think some of it was the steroids and antinausea drugs kicking in.

It may be best to have someone at least for the first one or two until you know how you are going to react. You could drive in and they could drive back if needed. If you did have and accident you would feel awful, and I’m not sure where you would stand insurance wise. I find I cannot drive safely for a week after chemo but that is me and you could be completely different.

You’ll get a good idea of how you are going to react and take it from there.

Good luck with the chemo - it seems like a long haul but it does go by surprisingly quickly.

Love Swanie

Hi Ann

We’re in the same boat here. I start my chemo on Tuesday, and am also in the neo-Tango trial (does that mean we get fizzy orange drinks with the chemo drugs?). The oncology nurse said they give you Piriton first to combat allergic reactions to one of the drugs, and Piriton can make you drowsy even without the rest of it. I don’t think your insurance would hold up if anything did go wrong - don’t risk it! Good luck on Wednesday; hope you don’t feel too rough.

Love, Frances

It depends I have driven myself to chemo (and daily to rads 25 mile trip but rads is different.) but not while having any pre meds or piriton. So i drove myself to AC but not to taxotere (warned about piriton). Recently started navelbine and have had lorazepam to calm me down so suggested I didn’t drive. Check with your chemo team.

I don’t much like driving so would only do it cause I knew the route well.

Good luck



I was advised not to drive home after the first chemo just in case I had a bad reaction.

In fact I ended up being given lorazepam to calm me down before the FEC and then later having Piriton before Taxotere so was advised not to drive there or back.

Good luck on Wednesday.

Not the first time! Hi Ann

If my memory serves me correctly the neo trial involves EC and Taxol, with or without Gemcitabine.

If you are doing Taxol first I would definitely not make plans to drive yourself home. There is an uncommon but real risk of having an allergic reaction to Taxol and Taxotere. You have to take high doses of steroids prior to your first infusion which will cause insomnia and make you jittery to say the least.

Even if you start on another chemo I still say proceed with caution as you don’t know how you will feel. Everyone reacts differently.

Like most of the others I felt I could have driven safely after chemo as the side-effects didn’t kick in for a few hours. However, certainly for you first one, I would be making other plans. Once you get one or two under your belt you will be in a better position to make a sound judgement.

Once I moved onto radiotherapy I drove myself there and back without any problems.

Good luck with the chemo.


I never drove myself on a chemo day as just honestly thought with the amount of chemicals and tablets being put into my body I was probably a liability. The Fec would near enough make me feel sick and dizzy before I left the chemo suite and on each occassion I wouldn’t drive for atleast 5 days as I felt so groggy.

When I changed to Taxotere I had to change hospital to 26 miles away so always had someone drive me there and another pick me up as I would be in the hospital from 9.00am to 5.30pm due to Onc appt, Taxotere and Herceptin and the cold cap and I was usually quite tired.

While just on Rads and Herceptin I have driven myself as I feel no effects and am only there for 2/3 hours. It may be worth checking with your car insurance company or your chemo nusres. I know we all react differently but personally I wouldn’t be happy if someone groggy on any medication run one of my kids over or hit my car.

Hope all goes well.


to chicken Im on CMF…my hubs takes me to chemo…loiters with intent while I have it done…then drives me home. Im in no fit state at all to drive…mind you it would be amusing to get pulled over by a policey man…are you under the influence of drugs…erm you could say that ahem. I feel like ive spent all day in the pub (those were the days pre-kiddywinks), so to drive is just a major no-no. I dont feel safe to drive at all until a week or so after the second part of the cmf cycle, its just not worth the risk…especially as im usually putting t-bags in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard…so to drive is well off the list.

Id say get someone to drive you back, just in case the loopy juice makes you all squiffy.