Can I have a facial when undergoing chemotherapy

Have not yet started treatment but wonder if I can continue with my monthly facial during treatment?

Hi Jane56,

I’ve had several facials during chemo and found them very relaxing. I did check with my therapist that there was no grapefruit in any of the products she uses, as that might interfere with the chemo drugs. You can always check with your BCN about facials as well, but really I think go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve it!


I found great comfort and joy in getting facials, as well as stepping up the mani/ pedicures. After all, with no hair I could afford to splash out!! My lovely therapist only uses natural organic products anyway. Makes sense if you think about us being advised to go chemical free with the bath products. X

I have just finished EC chemo and about to start Docetaxel tomorrow. I had a facial last week with a brand of products I have used before. Unfortunately it caused a rash and then made my skin dry where the rash was. I guess everyone is different. It did sting a bit when she was exfoliating but I didn’t say anything…perhaps I should have done.