can i survive hers 2

Dear ladies

Im 54

right ductal carcinoma grade 2 T2 L1 MO


in three nodes 

treatment plan

18 cycles of chem done 4 only feel tired



adjuvant therapy

can i survive this ?

ruth x

Hi westieruth. I think we’ve spoken before. My cancer is grade 2, her2 and er positive and also in my lymph nodes too. My consultant said to me, that although her2 positive is aggressive, it does also respond well to treatment. My tumour had a partial response to chemo but it did shrink the tumour enough to have it removed for surgery. I’ve now just started kadcyla, to tackle any possible ‘invisible cells’. I will also be having radiotherapy and antibodies too. I do think that you have a good chance of beating your cancer! Theres so much treatment available now. Try and take things one step at a time, that’s what my consultant said to me and it meant that I didn’t stress about surgery etc until I had to. I hope the rest of your journey goes well 

Hi Ruth,

Just wanted to share with you that my sister’s workmate was grade 2, HER+ with lymph node involvement and is doing fabulously. She was diagnosed 10 years ago and has just retired at the age of 67. So the answer is yes, this is survivable. Sending big hugs Ann xx