Can Rads make you hyper?

Hi all. Day 6 just done, but rather than the expected feeling of tiredness, I’m feeling ‘hyper’. Is this something others experienced, maybe I’m still running on adrenalin? Slightly confusing as opposite to what I was told to expect, ie to be exhausted.  Team say my skin is doing well, so Diprobase cream is doing the trick for me. W x

I don’t think I felt hyper but I cerainly wasn’t tired and have to admit to quite enjoying the experience.




It won’t be the physical impact of the rad’s but possible there’s an element of relief since you’ve started the next stage of treatment which might be making you feel a tad zippy? Take it easy since while not everyone appears to get fatigue from radio, many/most do with BC, although it tends be be once you’ve had quite a few sessions.

Maybe it’s a positive sign that you’ll breeze through without the fatigue? Who knows!


I hope it goes well for you



I’ve now had 12 out of my 15 sessions of radiotherapy, and no sign of any tiredness. I have always been an active person and have been going on walks every day throughout the treatment, including a 5 hour walk yesterday.