Can skin mets present as a melanoma

I was diagnosed with bc 2014, I had 2 tumors er + and spread to 5 nodes. I had mx radio and chemo I’ve also had died reconstruction. I am on Tamoxifen.

 I had a freckle on my arm that grew, look like it had 2 colours and an uneven edge I showed go, he said didn’t look malignant to him but referred me to dermatologist. I had it removed. When I got stitches out a week later it opened up, I was concerned as to why it hadn’t healed. Butterfly stitches were applied for another week, it has scabbed over now. I have been sent an appointment, I googled the clinic and it is dermatology other breast symptoms. I am now worried that this is a spread of the bc. I can’t function, my appointment is tomorrow’s and I’m trying to prepare myself. If it is a spread would I have been referred to the breast unit that dealt with me as the dermatology clinic is in a different hospital. Any advice appreciated 

Vicki x


I’m not sure really, I know some people do get stage 4 BC to skin, called cutaneous mets I think? Not sure if it starts out like a mole or not. A few years before I became stage 4 I had a lesion appear on the side of my nose, I had it removed and biopsies but turned out to be nothing. Obviously I was convinced it was cancer, I think we always jump to this conclusion having had primary BC.

Try not to worry it may not be anything.