Can someone explain 3 weekly FEC-T

Hi everyone
Just a query. What is the timescale for 3 weekly chemo. Is it for example 1st Monday chemo 2nd Monday off, 3rd Monday chemo, or 1st week chemo, 2 weeks off, 3rd week chemo or is that 4 weeks. Not sure. Thank you everyone. Having 3 weekly FEC-T. Xxxx

Hi Mooney

First chemo is day 1, so 2nd will be on day 22. Xx

Hello Mooney, welcome to the Forum nobody wants to join. Unless you have been told otherwise, FEC-T usually means having 6 ‘cycles’ of chemotherapy each of which lasts 3 weeks (21 days). The first 3 cycles are usually FEC (a combination of drugs - Fluorouracil, Epirubicin and Cyclophosphamide), and the last 3 are T (Taxotere, also called Docetaxel). As Sue C says, Day 1 of the cycle is the day you have the infusion of the drugs in the hospital, and Day 21 is the last day of the cycle - the day before the next one starts. You should have a briefing meeting before you start, where they should explain the treatment process, the side effects you are likely to get, and how to cope with them. You don’t say when you are due to start, but if it is some time this month, I suggest you join the December 2016 Starters Monthly Thread, where you can share experiences with other ladies going through chemotherapy at the same time as you. Good luck and hope your treatment goes well.

Hi Sue and Old Dawn. Thank you for your replies. That makes sense. I start chemo in January so will join that thread. Am trying not to let the panic take over! It all seems a bit overwhelming, but one step at time. Trying to control the nerves is a big thing. X

Mooney - January Thread doesn’t seem to be set up yet but will probably be up and running soon. Meanwhile, the most important things are 1. try and enjoy your Christmas, because at least it won’t be ruined by the effects of the chemo, and 2. after Christmas, find some time to prepare yourself for the chemo, by finding out as much as you can about the regime you will be on from reliable sources such as your oncology team, Breast Cancer Care Forum and website, NHS Choices, and the websites of Macmillan and Cancer Research UK. Have a happy and side effect free (if not entirely worry free) Christmas. XX

Hi Mooney, I had my 1st one last Thursday and next one due on the 29th, the nerves where the worst for me but you must enjoy Christmas, the thoughts that go through your head are the worst but on the day it actually wasn’t that bad, I’m new to this group and I’m going to look up December starters I just want to talk to people that are going through the same feelings, everybody has been lovely but if you haven’t been through it I don’t know how people understand, if you need to ask any questions I’ll try help good luck xx