Can someone please tell me!!

Hi All

Im from Scotland and reading your stories you all seem to have had more explanation of things than i have and i gather most of you are from England, Guess your consultatns etc are more involved than here. Since reading these posts i have learned more. Can someone tell me though why do you get Zoladex injections, is it too stop your period?? I would love this if thats the case because im now in so much pain and very heavy when i have my period.Do you have to sk for these injections? Any explanation would be great, Thanks.
Allison x

Hi Allison
My daughter has had to have zoladex injections monthly to stop her ovaries working … which in turn stops periods … because her cancer was very strongly oestrogen positive which means it feeds the cancer and so oestrogen needed to be curbed She has been having them for a year now. She said the one thing she hasn’t missed is her periods.
Maybe your cancer isn’t oestrogen positive but no harm in asking the Oncologist.
Hope this helps …
Love Sue x

Hi Sue
Thanks for the reply. Yes i do have oestrogen positive cancer, does this mean i can have this injection to stop my period then? I have a apptment on June 11th with my consultant i could ask then.
Allison xx

Hi AllyT

I had zoladex injections as part of a trial to switch off my ovaries whilst going through chemo to see if it would preserve my fertility. I am HER2+ and ER and PR negative so I am having herceptin every 3 weeks for a year. I had my first Zoladex injection in July a few days before first chemo, I had one period and then they stopped and I had my last Zoladex injection sometime in October and my periods just came back last month. I have an appointment in July to see a fertility specialist for them to assess my fertility.

Ruby xx

I’m in Scotland too Ally - where abouts are you?

I am er+ and eing pre-menopasal at 40 I am on tamoxifen … which in theory is supposed to make your periods stop… but even with the tamoxifen and a mirena coil (which in theory is supposed to stop your periods!!) I still get regular periods… not heavy I have to say but I appear to have a hormonal reaction now and when I start to bleed I start to swell up, go bright red and itch like nothing on earth. Not thrush cos as soon as the bleeding stops the itch vanishes… I too would be delighted to hvae something that actually stops my periods … I’d even be happy to ahve my ovaries removed cos I’m not planning to have any more kids.

Hi all
I am 100% E+ & P+. My onc was planning to shut down my ovaries with zoladex. I am 45 and have 2 kids. After much research I have decided to have my ovaries removed rather than have zoladex. I asked my onc and he discussed it with my gynaecologist and they both thought it was a reasonable request. I am on tamoxifen at the moment but will probably go onto arimidex once they are removed in a few weeks. I certainly will not miss having periods. I think this will give me peace of mind too regarding ovarian cancer. Every little helps!

Hi All

Lilacblushes im in Carluke where r u in sunny Scotland? Im 41 now started Tamo when i was 40. I asked my onc to have ovaries removed and she told me that was a last option as it can contribute to osteoporosis!!! … So im stuck with them!! … Rarebird i know where your coming from it would give us peace of mind regarding ovarian cancer as there is a risk, honestly i am willing to risk the osteoporosis as i think it is worth it to be period and worry free. I too have 2 kids 12 and 15 both boys and def NOT planning on having others lol more than enough with the ones ive got. Good luck to you rarebird on your op hope it goes well.
Thanks for your replys
Allison x

No harm in asking Allison
Sue x

Hi Ally
I was thimking on asking my GP to prescribe a calcium supplement as a step to preventing the osteoporosis. My GP is really good so I don’t think I will have too much bother. As zotam says no harm in asking.

Allyt - I’m in Grangemouth. Up until August 2006 I lived up north - about 20 miles north of Inverness. Moved here when my son left school cos there was a better chance of a decent job for him down here.

Hi Lilacbushes

Beautiful part of the country up there, my mum lived just outside Golspie, was that anywhere near you? Till she moved to Spain anyway(No difference haha)

Allison x

I wasn’t as far up as Golspie - I was in a place called Invergordon, sort of half way between Inverness and Dornoch.

I live in the North East and my ER score was 7 whatever that means but I was told the tumour was strongly ER positive. I am on Tamoxifen but Zoladex has never been mentioned. I have been on Tam for 18 months now and still have periods but only every 2 or 3 months. When first taking Tam, however, my periods were really, really painful and regular but they slowed down and eased off. I still get period pain each month though whether I get a period or not.

Everyones treatment is so different. My lump was 2cm and grade 2 and I was told I would only need rads not chemo and yet others are given chemo for much smaller lumps and lower grades. 18 months on, I have stopped worrying about it and stopped comparing myself to others. I think myself lucky now that I didn’t need chemo instead of worrying whether I should have had it. I also have read of so many women who find Zoladex awful so also consider myself lucky that it wasn’t suggested.