Can someone tell me what SNB and WLE stands for please?

I’m really not sure what these acronyms are for and would like to know as I had some tests but am not sure of if any if these were SNB or WLE?

I had tissue removed by needle from Brest and fluid from a node and getting results tomorrow hopefully. The test were awful and in need to know if to expect more eg SNB and WLE?

Hi Whitfield. …snb is sentinel node biopsy where they test the sentinel (first) node nearest tumour and maybe 1 or 2 others. If the sentinel node is clear it means the other nodes are too so no need to remove them.
WLE is wide local excision…a lumpectomy.
Hope this helps love
Bev xxxx

Thank you Bev this really helps.

Do you think the drain I had on the node was SNB? They sort of used a needle with suction?

Sorry to ask and I know you can’t guarantee either way but on the day I was alone and couldn’t take it all in.