Can’t stop crying

I now it’s early days, I had left side mx with immediate implant recon on Friday. I’m home after 2 days in hospital but I just can’t stop crying. Please tell me it gets easier!?

Hi Sammy,


I did not want to read and run and not respond to you in your time of need.  I was the same when I had my op and temporary implant back in May.  Any little thing could set me off, even just the florist arriving with another bunch of flowers would do it.  I think it is because it finally feels for real and reality sinks in.  It does get better but that’s not to stay I haven’t had a wobble since.  I hope you have some good support from family and friends at home, remember there will always be someone here for you and not least, you are entitled to counselling if you continue to struggle.  Have a big virtual hug from me.


Ezzie, xx

Hi Sammy


Just wanted to let you know am in a similar place to you at the moment - I had left side mx with immediate implant reconstruction last Wednesday and got home on Friday.  I felt fine on Saturday but had a tough day yesterday - felt very down and weepy.  Feeling a bit better today - I think it will get easier day by day.  Don’t forget we have had major surgery and there is the emotional side to deal with as well.  I feel really wiped out at the moment and taking lots of naps.  I feel very bloated and sluggish so guess that is not helping my state of mind. 


How is your implant feeling?  Mine does feel a bit weird - like I have something stuck on my chest and am constantly aware of if - I know I will get used to it in time … but not liking the feeling at the moment. Not really in any pain as taking lots of painkillers - I have a drain in and that is bothering a bit and very aware of that.  I have been told it will be in for a minimum of 2 weeks.


Hope you feel better soon, remember to get lots of rest and don’t expect too much of yourself straight away.


Linda x

Thank you for the reassurance that this is just part of the process of dealing with things. I’ve just come back from the GP with some sleeping tablets, hoping that some sleep will help a little.

I hope you are doing well now Ezzie.

Linda, the implant feels so strange. I’m constantly aware and have a desire to itch but it’s obviously some phantom sensation. The drain is awful, just one more constant reminder and such a pain. I’ve a 17month old wanting lots of cuddles and keeping her away from the tubes is a battle! I can only hope it gets better for us both soon and we can start to feel a new sense of ‘normal’! Hugs xxx



A lot of it will probably be due to your body still getting over the anaesthetic as well.  It can take some time to get out of your body, added to that everything you have been through to date, it is no wonder you are tearful. It will get better honestly.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx

Hi sammycc and MrsR


I’m so sorry to read about how you are both feeling - so I wanted to pass on my experience and try to reassure you that you will feel better. I had mx and immediate implant at the start of May. Once I came home like you I found I couldn’t stop crying and was really down. I didn’t understand why but I was advised that the anaesthetic can do that to you - as Helena has also said. It really wasn’t long before I started to improve, once I started to be able to do things again I felt much better too. As Sammy has said, you will find a new “normal”.

Please do ask if you have any questions I can help with - I found these Forums a real life saver.


Hugs to you both

Evie xx

When I went for my pre op the nurse said it was likely I would have a melt down & cry at some point whether it was just before the op, just after, when I got home or even weeks or months later. It’s such a huge thing you’ve been through & crying is just part of the recovery.