Can’t stop worrying

Hi everyone. I have recently been diagnosed with hyperplasia in my left breast, which was found during an ultrasound. They took core biopsies and I also had an mammogram to check the marker was in the right place. The ultrasound was actually to check out a lump that turned out to be lumpy breast tissue. Anyway, in the run up to the appt, and ever since, I’ve had discomfort under my armpit and the surrounding area. It’s not painful as such. During the ultrasound, the sonography checked my lymph nodes and said they were normal. Could I have made myself sore by poking and prodding? I suffer with health anxiety and am terrified the doctor has missed something. My husband keeps reassuring me they all the checks have been done but I still feel anxious. I’m also breastfeeding. Thanks.

Hi CeB,
Sorry it’s taken a while for us to see your post.
As your husband says, it sounds that everything has been done that needs to be done & they have been thorough.
Yes, poking & prodding will make you feel sore & it’s something loads of us have done when anxious…& you’re breastfeeding too.
Most importantly, it has all been checked out.
ann x