Can’t think straight

These posts have been really helpful thank you. I am due to have radiotherapy and tamoxifen but have a long term rare condition that gives daily side effects that are already difficult to deal with so I’m very anxious about it. I feel like I’m on a high speed train and need to get off! Any advice, thoughts, suggestions very welcome. I’ve had invasive ductal carcinoma stage 1, 17mm, no nodes

Hi skylark. Can’t help on the tamaxifen as I am due to start a different one once rads are complete. Rads are fine once the first one is out of the way and you know how it all works they are easy. Just drink gallons stay hydrated and plaster on the cream. And exercise something I’m a bit lazy at I have to admit but trying !! How many rads you having?


Hi Skylarker 


It’s Emily here from Breast Cancer Care. 


I’m really sorry to hear about your anxiety for radiotherapy and tamoxifen - this sounds especifcally difficult when you’re already trying to manage another health condition. We have a few email volunteers who have had radiotherapy and tamoxifen, such as Donna and Gwen - you’d be very welcome to drop them an email to find out about their experience. 


Or if you’d like to chat to someone over the phone, feel free to give us a call on 0345 077 1893 and we’ll find you someone to speak to.

Wishing you all the best in the meantime.

Emily at Breast Cancer Care





Thanks Gill, I appreciate that advice. I drink gallons already! I’m having 15. How are you doing?

Thanks Emily. My planning scan was today so I was in a bit of a state but psyched myself up only to find there’d been a glitch at appointments and I wasn’t on the list! Felt like a bit of a reprieve to be honest so now I’ve got more time to think! I will email, thank you