can we still get breast cancer after having a mastectomy?

Hi there,

Has anyone heard or know if there is still a risk of cancer after a full mastectomy?? I was feeling positive but now I read that some people go onto get more cancer in the breast tissue? Im starting to feel really drained after only a few days of being diagnosed. Think its all the appts all the visitors all the tel calls etc., im worn out trying to be positive for the sake of others. Sorry im just a bit down tonight. Take care to all you ladies out there. Xxx

Hi loobylou xxx it’s tough isn’t it? I’m sitting in hospital after a bilateral mx on Monday and honestly it’s been fine x cancer is complicated - it depends on type etc and yes - you can still get cancer after masectomy but your risk is hugely reduced xx so stay positive and no need to worry about being down - we have all been there xxx some cancers can’t be ‘cut out’ ( leukaemia etc) so I think the fact we can do this is a real plus xxxx