Can you add streaks to a fake hair wig?


I came home with my wig today after carefully choosing the “best” colour in the style decided suited me best and having been too polite in the hairdressers to say “eek” I have spent the evening trying it on and trying to like it to realise its because its one flat colour that it looks so like a wig. Is there any dye/felt tip or anything that can be used to do floodlights on a wig that isn’t made of human hair?

Having looked at it I’m no way going to show my OH my wig when he returns tomorrow!

Anyone any ideas?

In a word NO!
Have you ever put bleach in fresh flowers to give them extra life? The stalks go all white and withered well that is a bit like the fibres in the wig.
I know what you mean about not wanting to show hubby, mine tried not to laugh but he was crap at hiding it, mouth tightly shut but his eyes said it all. In Feb I had all my wigs restyled as I had not needed them for 4 years and boy had they dated. Just started back on taxol, second shot today. My hair had just started to grow back I have bought a new wig from Ideal World shopping channel she is called Victoria a very nice shaped bob. I so hope we will get on.
Good luck.

Love Debsxxx

Darn it. I was thinking of getting my daughter’s felt tips out and having a go! My friend and I decided that I look like a hooker in it so maybe it’ll have to be my “bedroom hair” LOL!!

Have fun!
Love Debsxxx

On my hair I use the Schwartkofp root retoucher - but not on the roots - to cover the white - you could give it a try

it’s very like felt tip pens - it smells like them - might be worth a try - they say it lasts 3 washes - it doesn;t for me but it wouldn’t matter for you as you don’t wash! …I’m sure you do - if you know what I mean … just going to throw my spade away …the hole is getting big enough …

good luck love FB xx

Thanks for your comments. Having done some research the general opinion is its not possible although I have found some weird fancy dress sites that say you can use a particular pen to colour streaks. I hate it that much I might have a go. I also spoke to a wig maker about weaving in some darker colours but she said it would be very expensive and need to be sent away and take about 8 weeks. However I found a wig on an e-bay shop that looks really good and not very dissimilar to my hair so I have ordered that but at only 28.99 it might look awful but hey ho, I haven’t had to buy either of the two wigs I have so far so no big loss. My other one was kindly donated to me by someone on this site and actually looks quite good just a bit shorter than my hair normally so I am getting it cut as its a bit full for me and hopefully will have 2 lovely hair styles to choose from.

xx O