Can you describe symptoms? Concerned

I have had a dull ache in right breast for a month. For the last week I have had stinging/ burning feeling throughout breast. I thought I could feel a lump but GP said she couldn’t. Going for a mammogram Tuesday. I also think my breast is starting to swell a bit. I’m sure it’s nothing but concerned. Just wondering how people felt - what the sensation or pain was.
Thank you!

Hi Cooperk123

I am sorry you’re in the waiting room as that’s tough isn’t it? My lump was not well defined and my GP thought it was nothing until I entered the breast clinic, where they diagnosed me quite quickly. I had no pain, just a thickening on the outer side of my right breast.

So I’d say to you is that everyone is different and has different symptoms, a lot of ladies go for a mammogram and things turn out to be fine. You are doing the right thing by getting it checked out and I hope that you will be absolutely fine.

I wish you all the best for Tuesday!