Can you get a bus pass, if you receive DLA?

Can I get a bus pass? I’m about to get a motorbility car, but as petrol is so expensive at the moment, I am wondering if I can get a bus pass for less urgent travel.
I’m 57 years old, in receipt of higher rate DLA, and ESA (claimed under DS1500 rules). As I’m no longer earning, I have to watch the pennies.

I think, that bus passes are age-related.

Unless anyone knows otherwise?

I hope that you get one x

I think they are age related too. As I understand it, you will have to wait until you get your pension - ie not at 60. I might be wrong there.

I went by bus to my radiotherapy - £5 a day, so it cost me £100.

It may depend on your area. I work in the disability sector in Luton and you can get one here.



Yes, if you get DLA including mobility component, you need to contact your local Council who issue them.There’s info on Direct Gov site

Am trying to get my act together about applying for one myself!

Julie x

Yes u can in my area also taxi vouchers I might try for them as on chemo inf and all that worth a try

if you get DLA and the higher rate mobility you can get a buss pass it use to be if you get DLA and mobility but not any more i lost my son pass as he can walk and only get lower rate mobility but if you getting a car on it then i would say yes you can
maz x

Just to say thanks for the advice. I have now contacted my local Council, and they have told me how I apply. It also appears I could get a disabled persons railcard. Does this mean free rail travel?

not sure if its free but it is cheeper

Hi lemongrove no I don’t think so the disabled railcard is £20 a yr but u can take a carer with u for a £1 also u still have to pay but u get a third off I think google disabled rail card

If you spend time in London and have an Oyster Card you can link your disabled railcard to your Oyster Card for discounted travel. Also, I think a carer accompanying you can travel on a child’s day travel card.