Can you get Replens prescribed??

Can you get Replens prescribed??

Can you get Replens prescribed?? Hi to you all

Just a quick question, when I last saw my onc in Feb after finishing my chemo, I asked about Replens as I am now experiencing menopause and all the associated side effects, and she told me I would have to buy it as it cannot be prescribed.

Has anyone been able to get it on prescription, as I have just bought some and it is quite expensive and the prescription charge would be cheaper for me.

Thanks for any info.

Deborah xx

The answer is yes Hi Deborah

You can definitely get Replens on prescription, I have been for the last 12 months.

Also if you need a few things per month its worth getting a prepayment certificate, my GP only gives one months supply at a time and it has saved me lots of money.

All the best.


Hi i to get it on perscription, See your Gp again

Replens MD You need to ask for REPLENS MD -this is the one gp can prescribe-initially mine thought they couldnt but had read about it in amoena mag and he was happy to prescribe then.Its good stuff-it says use in morning but personally find better at night- you will know why when you try it!!! sharonx

Replens Good advice to use it at night, otherwise you may feel that you have an incontinence problem! Also it is available on percription I get 4 boxes with 6 applicators in it-lasts around month and a half. I have a pre-payment certificate.

Bunty x

well done bunty!was trying to think of how to put it in a ladylike way!!!you did it well!!! sharonx ps us lucky welsh girls get free prescriptions now so get it for nothing.!!!