can you go on holiday to a hot country after rads

Hi Ladies

can you go on holiday after rads to a hot country??? has anyone done this???


Yes you definitely can and it will do you good - you deserve it. But do protect your skin.

Hi Lucy

I’m going to Spain in 2 weeks time and finished rads about 6 weeks ago. I’m taking a high factor sun lotion to protect the skin and as I had rads to the collar bone area I am taking cotton scarfs and high neck t shirts too.

I think if you still have a skin reaction to the rads you would have to be careful using sun lotion so covering up might be better if you want to go quite soon after treatment has finished.

The holiday will be something to look forward to and I bet you will feel all the better for it.

Lots of love

Lollie x

Hi Lucy
I went to Spain 4 weeks after rads. I was very burnt during rads as well. As long as you keep affected area covered you’ll be fine…after all we go through we deserve a holiday at the end!

Suzanne xx

thanks for your comments ladies I am very grateful for them…


Hi all,

Can I just say that I’m v.grateful for everyones comments on hols after rads too! I am sooooooo desperate to get away from it all for a week or so when I finish rads (won’t be for a while though as still havin chemo!). Its good to know a sunshine break is not out of the question following rads,

Many thanks,