Can you help us improve our website?

Here at Breast Cancer Care we are constantly trying to improve our services for people affected by breast cancer.

We know that our website is an essential source of information and support for many people, but we also acknowledge that there is room for improvement.

We are currently working with a research agency to try and identify how people try to access information relevant to their experience of being affected by breast cancer, i.e. the sort of language and terminology that they feel most comfortable with.

To help find this out, we have created a basic ‘card-sorting’ exercise, which you can access from the link below. Once you have completed the exercise you can submit your email to be entered into a prize draw to win £50 worth of Amazon vouchers.

The exercise should only take you about twenty minutes and is interesting to take part in, more than that it will really influence how we develop our site to best suit your needs. Full and clear instructions are included when you follow the link below.

Please note: If you are taking part in one of group session in London, you should not take part in this exercise, as you will be doing a similar task during the session itself.

Take part in our research now. Go to