Can you indentation ever be benign?

Hi all, I found a dent/dimple on my breast yesterday. Only noticeable I am lying down and more noticeable when I am lying down and raise my arm. Dr Google and various forums have me worried sick. I am ringing my GP when they open today but I was wondering if anyone has ever had anything similar and it turned out not to be cancer? 

Dr Google can most definitely scare you stupid - it will always bring up cancer as an explanation for breast changes but it does not have the benefit of seeing or feeling your “ dent “ . The vast majority of lumps and changes are not cancer but without the benefit of a mammogram / ultrasound it is often difficult for GP to tell what’s going on inside so please don’t be alarmed if they refer you to the breast clinic - the majority of referrals to breast clinic turn out to have a non cancerous explanation . 
If you need advice / support the forum is an excellent place to come to .

Good luck ,Jill x