Can you see the edges of your implant?

Hello everyone and thank you for being such a supportive community.

I had a mastectomy and silicon implant 3 months ago and the edges of the implant are really visible - especially on the top edge. It also ripples a lot - for example if I bend over.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I know the implant will never look like a real breast, and I’ve always had quite a skinny chest so don’t have much fat to cover the implant.

However, I am wondering what my expectations should be and whether there is anything the surgeon could do to improve the appearance?

Has anyone had lipofilling for example?

Thank you for any answers!

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Hi Cosmos2.

I had ld flap recon in 2017, with implant. I paid for the surgery myself, as i couldn’t wait any longer and remortgaged my house. As the muscle is still attached, it flexes when i do certain movements, there is a lot of rippling, but can’t see the implant. Ive been waiting ever since, for some revision surgery, including lipo modelling to help with this and give more volume to the reconstructed breast, as i still have to wear a partial prosthesis.
When this will be, i have no idea, as they keep blaming covid!
I hope you get yours sorted soon.

Much love
Amanda x

Hi Amanda

And thank you for sharing your experience. It must be really frustrating that you had to pay for your surgery yourself! I hope you can get the issues addressed without having to wait much longer …


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Hi @cosmos2
I had a double mastectomy with expander then a year later smooth round implants with mesh a year gone July. I too am slight and quite bony around my chest. The mesh does stand out at times making my breasts look out of shape, this is mainly hidden by my bra.
I also get rippling. My consultant has said there is a new type of implant available now that ripples less, I am considering whether I want my implants changing. He is very knowledgeable and considerate of what my reconstruction looks like and whether I am happy. I haven’t asked about lipo filling and he hasn’t mentioned it so not sure if that is available. Also wearing a push up bra helps with the look. Has to be non wired tho.
Hope this helps xx

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thank you so much - that’s really useful insight.