Can you take milk thistle and tamoxifen ? Raised ALT level

I have a slightly elevated LFT in particular the ALT Level, all others are normal. My gp does not seem concerned but thinks it may be the Tamoxifen having an effect on the liver. I am worried sick in case it is something else ( in a total panic if i am honest).
If it is the tamoxifen can you take the supplement Milk Thistle being oestrogen positive ? Some research says you can and others say stay well away.

Hi. The only person you should be asking if you can take a particular herbal suppliment is your oncologist. I too have heard conflicting information about this product, but my Onc advised against it, it would not work well with my type of cancer. Good luck!xx

Dont take the milk thistle until you have spoken to your Oncologist or a pharmacist. Many of these supplements can antagonise your treatment and it wont work so well.
Dont worry too much about your LFT’s, they do go up with some meds.
At my hospital they have a file with all these supplements in, so you can see at a glance what you can and cant take, so maybe speak to the specialist nurse about it as well.
I’m on Capecitabine, and my mother was going on at me to take Aloe Vera, but when I asked about it at the hospital, it was one of the worse things I could take.
Jane xxx

Thanks ladies x