can you walk about while having chemo

due to start chemo on 29th January and I know this is a really dumb question but are you able to walk around while you are getting chemo I need to wee a lot when I am nervous and I wondered if it is ok to go to toilet while you have your treatment

Hi doozy,

Yes, don’t panic! Depending on which chemo you have it will work slightly differently. You’ll be put on a drip via a canulla, usually into the back of your hand or into a Picc or Hickman line or a Portocath if you have one. The chemo drugs go in through that. Often you’ll have saline through the drip at the same time (the saline dilutes it as it goes in and helps to protect your veins). The drip pumps are usually plugged into the mains but they have a battery so you can just unplug it and go walkabout if you want to. In fact you’ll probably need to have a wee anyway mid-chemo, as there’s actually quite a lot of liquid going in. You just have to be a bit careful manoeuvering the drip stand in and out of the toilet door as they have wheels like supermarket trollies and have minds of their own!

Sometimes chemo is given very slowly by a nurse using a syringe into your canulla at the same time as the saline, so they can control the speed more finely. For that, when they get to the end of a syringe you can just tell them you need a break and then go for a walk/wee/whatever.

If you ask your chemo nurse they’ll help you sort out the plug and wires. Once you know what you’re doing it’s easy peasy. All the very best for the 29th. :slight_smile:

Jane xxx

I’m sure they’ll let you go to the loo while you are having chemo but if you have it administered by nurse as Jane has outlined in last post, ( thats the way that FEC is usually administered) you’ll probably be distracted and won’t feel the need to go to the loo. The nurse will chat with you and im sure you wont think about needing the loo. Don’t worry just tell them what you want to do and they will be understanding and accommodate you.
All the best for the 29th.
Gaynor xx

Yes. You can wander about the ward and use the toilet. The unit I went to had a nice big loo area so it was no problem manoeuvring around with the drip and stand.

You will probably be encouraged to drink plenty so may well need several wees.

By the way if you’re having FEC you might like to be aware that the Epirubicin turns your wee pink for a short time - just thought I’d mention it in case they don’t tell you.

Hi doozy, my FEC was administered via a cannula, connected up to a pump, I never went to the loo during the chemo but plenty of people did and just manoeuvred the pumps about as they’re on wheels x

hi doozy… i start FEC x6 on the 29th as well… trying to get prepared at home but not getting anywhere fast…xx

thank you everyone for taking the time to answer my question at least I wont be fretting about that but I am sure I will find something else to worry about, I know I have to have chemo then radiotherapy and herceptin and it is all for the good but boy am I scared love to all of you and I really do appreciate everyone being so kind.

Thanks for asking that Doozy. Starting Fec - T, but don’t have a date yet. Have an appointment to visit chemo day centre for a talk, and to meet chemo nurses, so it probably won’t be long. Must make a note of toilet area whle there.
Good luck , hugs
pg xxx

Hi pg I am having my talk with the chemo nurse the day before I start my treatment I dont know if anything she tells me will sink in as I know I will only be thinking about starting the treatment the next day but every hospital seems to do things differently I really appreciate the hugs and i hope you get your start date soon Hugs right back at you

Hi Sandra don’t know if you remember me from November we exchanged a couple of chats and now we are starting our treatments on the same day I notice you have started up the January Jems what a great name would I be able to join this special little gang I certainly never feel totally alone when I come on this forum as everyone is so kind and helpful and I have learnt a lot from it over the last couple of months I hope you are doing ok hopefully hear from you soon, hugs to you xx

One word of advice for loo-trips during chemo. The chances are for your first chemo, you will have a canula in the back of your hand or in your wrist. Wearing very tight jeans is not a good plan as pulling them up/doing them up while favouring your hand isn’t easy. My second chemo I wore looser trousers and it was far easier.
Good luck with the chemo - it was nothing like as bad as I feared.

I had chemo back in 2008 but I remember very clearly how scared I was about having it, the questions went through my head like “was I going to feel it”, would it make me sick straight away" etc. etc. lots of thoughts.

Just to try and reassure you, I had chemo with Herceptin and radiotherapy in 2009 (and again in 2012 for a different cancer) and although it wasn’t nice, you will find the courage and strength to get through it. I was usually ok on the day of chemo and the day after, but once I stopped the steroids I seemed to hit the ground with a bit of a bang for a few days. To answer your question it is usually ok to get up and walk around during chemo, at my unit some patients even go outside to have a cigarette!

I would advise drinking plenty of water, take a bottle along with you - this helps to flush it out, eat something substantial if you can before you go, wear loose clothing and be prepared that you might feel rough for 2 or 3 days following the chemo (perhaps pre cook meals just to heat up etc.

We are all different and some ladies on this site have breezed through chemo but just remember that most of us have been through it and can help with any worries you may have. Good luck on the 29th.

Thank you Sue, great advice as I do wear jeans a lot but it makes great sense to have a pair of Joggers or leggins on, would be much easier as you say, the last thing I want to do is knock out my canula,appreciate your reply and thanks for the good luck

Thank you Peacock for taking the time to help make me feel better about chemo,it is the fear of the unknown I think and you do not know how it going to affect you but I know I just have to deal with it.It really is lovely that people on this forum are prepared to help one another and try to give advice and it is very much appreciated, you have given me good tips which I will follow and thank you for the good luck