Cancelled oncology appointments - concern over tests

Hi all, not sure if best place for this post? I was diagnosed 3 years ago and was due my bi-annual onc appointment in September, that was cancelled and a new one made for November, that was also cancelled and the subsequent one too!

I sent a worried email to my oncologist and his secretary. Suddenly I had a call from hospital for an appointment a few days later for bone scan. Then a call from onc saying he’ll sort things out - blood test and CT scan all organised for last week and an appointment to see him on 29th!

In his letter which arrived yesterday he mentioned a CT scan I had in September whilst recovering from DIEP - I was having trouble with lungs so they did a thoracic scan. The scan showed lungs were ok, but a lesion on my spine concerns him and he wants a full check up after discussion at MDT meeting.

It’s worrying that if I hadn’t chased him how long would it have taken for him to look at the scan? And the level of his concern and actions is making me very anxious. My original diagnosis was 2 invasive grade 3 tumours measuring 8cm and 2cm with spread to 26 lymph nodes. I had mx chemo and rads but I’m guessing there’s a high possibility of mets.

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I wish they would not do this, all it does is heighten anxiety levels because you are preparing for the day only to have it cancelled so the cycle starts again, for it then to be cancelled.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx

Hi Dawn,
Well thank goodness you chased it up & it’s now being acted on, but it’s certainly not good for the anxiety.
Sending hugs
ann xxx

Horrible to have that hanging over you until the 29th and for all the delays too .why on earth has no-one looked at your scan before now ??? Keeping everything crossed for you .