Cancelling Holidays

Hello, sorry if I’ve posted in wrong place. Not sure if anyone has experienced any issues when having to cancelled booked holidays etc due to treatment. I was diagnosed June 10th IDC, lumpectomy and SNB. Started 5 day rt this week. Didn’t get my dates for this till last week. Any hol bookings I’ve had to cx everyone has been very understanding and I’ve encountered no problems. Apart from Travelodge who have refused point blank to refund me!! It’s only for one night so about £45 or less, can’t remember exact amount but spoke to the hotel and customer services and despite explaining my unforeseen circumstances they refuse as its not their policy I’m told!! For all the businesses and companies that support or donate etc to breast cancer I’m really upset with their attitude. Im now having to spend time i should be resting making a complaint to them. Has anyone else experienced such lack of empathy from any company along your journey? I’m surprised how much its upset me xx

@ZippyZoo  - I’m so sorry to read that, what a horrible response from Travelodge and it’s not surprising you are upset by this, I am cross on your behalf. From what I’ve seen this tends to be a quieter part of the forum, but I hope someone else will come along with advice/experience. Let me see if I can find if there is someone you can speak to on here about this sort of practical question and I’ll get back to you.

When you write to Travelodge you might want to write directly to the CEO, pointing out that other companies were much more helpful and sympathetic and see if they will issue a refund as a gesture of goodwill in the circumstances.

I wish you all the best for your radiotherapy and for your continued recovery. Sending hugs, Evie xx