Cancer can't be beaten by positive thinking

…Rosemarywine - hello from Sarah in Canberra! (A very optimistic one!!). Have just been reading your other thread, and am so very, very sorry that you are having a totally horrible time at the moment. I don’t think a glass of wine will do much harm, well I still enjoy mine! I was diagnosed last November, and have since had surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. Now I’m moving forward and getting on with my life. We all look at statistics sometimes, but in the end all that matters is you, and your life, and your daughter. Just now I’m sure it’s as much as you can do to get through each hour, and each day. But I can assure you that you will, and that although it is hard, sometimes when treatment has started it is somewhat better than the dreadful state of shock that you are in now, especially with your circumstances. Thinking of you - we are all here for you, and there is usually someone around on this site if you want to chat. Biggest of hugs - all the way from Australia! Sarah x (another one!)

Thanks Sarah, I’ve just had an email from an ex which said “do not go gentle into that good night … rage, rage against the dying of the light” - tactful eh? But a txt from my uncle Pete all the way from Melbourne sending his love. (That’s just brought a tear to my eye.) I was very positive yesterday (perhaps that was the wine in the evening) but am getting MRI results tomorrow and am so scared that it’ll show up worse than we think at the moment. I just want both breasts off now, this minute! Like you say it’s the waiting and the shock that’s worst. I hate being on my own, this site is a Godsend. Hey I bet it’s not grey skies in Canberra is it? Fiona x

Hello Fiona - it’s amazing what people think will help…ie dying of the light etc! No dying of the light for you, you’ll be far too busy going through treatment and there IS light at the end of the tunnel, and thousands of women who have lit the torch and led the way. Certainly is grey here - and wet, and cold!! Middle of winter, but next month I’ll be coming home (to Poole) for six whole weeks and am SO excited to see all my family and friends. Good luck for your MRI scan tomorrow, and please do let us know the result - everything crossed for you that it will be clear. It’s hard to be on your own, but worse to be with someone who is really bringing you down or who just goes to pieces over the whole thing. This site is wonderful, and will see you through the next few months, as it has for so many of us. Please keep posting and let us know what operation you finally opt for. Thinking of you, and hoping you are managing to sleep a bit better. Sarah xx