Cancer has cost me my business!!!

Hi b4 cancer I was a mobile hairdresser dust sound much to some of you but I had my own salon employed staff rented th flat above n kept everything goin with a home n 2 kids. I was very proud of that. Sold my salon cos my mum got bowel cancer n was I’ll n wanted t b ther wen things got bad. She died a month b4 th shop sold.

I went mobile n had a good business charged decent prices n gave 110%
Then got breast cancer
I now feel I’m ready to go for it agAin n hav contacted my old customers n they say that they hav got used to ther new hairdresser n they are so much cheaper. Th main factor

I hav t now work for peanuts or start again iv started puttin in cvs in fashion stores but feel very down n depressed this cancer has not only nearly killed me twice but has taken away everything I know n people I thout wer friends. NOT. Don’t get me wrong. I know at th moment I’m lucky. It’s not back. But it won’t let me hav what I kno. The struggle goes on and one. Sorry just wanted a rant xxxxxx

Your not MOANING, dont you dare feel you have to apologise for being upset when you are having a really shit time of it.

I so understand where you are coming from. I have an avon round. I do it on a large basis 150/200 customers, so orders/deliveries are usually to about 70/80 customers each time, and this takes alot of time and energy.

I have a wonderful hubby, who gets the piss taken out of him left right and centre, but does the round when I am not well enough to do it. He did suggest I gave it up, but I stamped my feet and said dont let the cancer rob me of this too. But because I have not recanvassed as much a few people have tried to step in and steal my customers. Luckily they know what I have been through and have told the new reps to sling there hooks.

I really hope you can get started again with new and some of your old customers. Could you maybe try to entice them back with a half price offer the first time they use you again, and that might make them think actually I like the way you do there hair and will come back to you.

Really hope it works out for you sweetie, cancer is shit and robs us of our health, relationships, jobs and sometimes our lives.

Big huggles.


Oh Rozita what a tough time for you. No wonder you feel angry and upset. I’m sorry about your Mum and your business going too.
However, I can tell you are a determined lady. I’m sure you will be able to find a way to build it back up again. Maybe you don’t want those customers back again anyway- fresh start.
Good luck. The good news is you are well now and able to look to the future for you and your kids. xx

If I had any hair I would definitely get you to do mine. It’s taken over a year to grow to it’s present length of 2 inches.
I don’t know what your financial circumstances are, but I know we have found it tough to go from two salaries to one (and the powers that be just don’t seem to understand that).
I just wonder if your cancer experience could lead you in a slightly different direction with hairdressing - e.g, wigs, hair extensions, growth treatments etc for cancer patients. I don’t know what the experience of others has been, but when I went through chemo, I found there was very little advice about these things, and I ended up on the alopevia forum to find out what the most natural wigs were, and where to get them etc.
Hope you get your business going again very soon.

It’s definitely possible to rebuild your business but it’s just so unfair cancer keeps taking things from you isn’t it. I really hope you can get it off the ground again. I started my first business in January and had to suspend it in May. It was going so nicely too. All the best and lots of luck. xx

Hi Rozita,

I am 2 years post treatment and I too was a mobile hairdreser…I took 7 months off work and was forced to go back to work as I would have lost all my tax credits as well as the wages I had already lost through not working…being self employed is so difficult when this happens an I too lost most of my business as clients had settled for a new hairdresser, this fact was also distressing as I had done a lot of these clients for many years and I felt I had also lost their loyalty…I have built my business up slowly but it is nothing compared to how it used to be, I am tired and find it very hard to be motivated…I did start working in a local wig shop one day a week and it was great to learn a new skill…also the experience I had made such a difference to the clients who came in, sadly the girl I worked for had to close the shop and go mobile herself, now I don’t know if I’ll get to work with wigs as her business is only busy enough for her at the moment…I’m seriously thinking of getting another part time job…just to take the pressure off being self employed…all the best, and I hope you manage to buld things up again…
Fee xxxx

Hi all
Thanks for your replies was feeling down last night after waking with ex customers who I thought were great friends and realising it’s all down to how cheap they can get their hair done. I’m struggling at moment anyway as have been told last week iv got lymphodemia in my breast it’s very swollen n painful n still havnt got any physio appointments yet. Not good when I’m job searching haven t go t th hospital n park n pay n wait . Still on a positive I’m going on a gel nail course on 7th sept. Cos a lot for th kit but perhaps that might take off cos I think they’re great. A 2 week manicure( maybe u could look into that fee ) totally skintight as got divorced just b4 getting diagnosed n ex hasn’t been payin any maintenance finally got CSS involved but they are useless n don’t seem t hav any power when they hav their own lye company. Got a lovely boyfriend tho who has moved in now so that is helping don’t kno what id hav dun otherwise. Probably wud hav lost th house as we don’t get much help dealing with cancer and all th aftereffects I keep thinking that it’s a year since I finished all my treatment n I should b feeling ok but I’m tired hav no energy n painful boob n being careful with arm. Hey il hav a go at th lottery you never kno.!!! Until then il get my cv out ther n keep smiling xxxxxx. Rozita

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Rozita I really feel for you. I am a gel nail devotee! It would be great to offer that on a mobile basis. It might be worth putting flyers for it in chemo units. I have had gel nails all through taxotere chemo because they recommend you keep your nails covered. Gel nails are ideal for that. I have had my toes done as well. My nails normally last about 3 weeks. Our chemo unit also houses complentary therapy such as massage etc. If your hospital does this perhaps you could offer gel nails.
X sarah

Oh god, that’s awful for this to have cost you your business too.
It’s one of the things about how cancer can ruin a lot of things other than bodily.
All the financial side is terrible if you dont have insurance or savings etc as well.