Cancer hat trick. Third time same breast

I first had breast cancer in 2013. Pr+ve and weakly Estrogen +ve. Lumpectomy, rads and tamoxifen which I tolerated for 2.5 yrs before stopping under the supervision of an oncologist. I had a recurrence in December 2021 and was treated with a full mastectomy and restarting tamoxifen. I’ve waited just shy of 2 yrs and still waiting for a prophylactic mastectomy on the right side and double own tissue recon (This failed after the mastectomy on the left due to the blood supply not taking) 6 months ago I found two firm red patches just under my mastectomy scar. Several calls to the local breast care nurses and eventually an email from my own NHs net account with images, and I was seen by the oncologist. It has just been confirmed that the patches are cancer again. How do you get breast cancer 3 times in the same breast - especially when you don’t even have a breast? I’m feeling very ‘special’.
I’ve never been filled with panic and always been very very pragmatic about having cancer. I’ve been lucky to recover quickly from surgery and just cracked on. Strong family history so it’s believed to be genetic but BRACA test -ve on testing in 2014. I’ve just had a C/t scan and I have a bone scan Monday with an oncology review Wed. Has anybody else had this experience or heard of similar? I have to say that I feel physically sick and tearful this time. I have no trust in my body or the statistics this time.
Sorry. That’s a bit of an essay. x


Hello @paged

I’m so sorry to read about your situation, I can only imagine how you must be feeling to be facing a third diagnosis and treatment plan.

I don’t know if you know about Dr Liz O’Riordan: she is the former breast cancer surgeon who herself got breast cancer and she produces a lot of content for social media (I follow her on Instagram but she also has a You Tube channel) explaining lots of really helpful information about breast cancer and treatments and sharing her own experiences. She too was recently diagnosed for a third time with no breasts, so you may find some of her content and information helpful

Sending you lots of love as you set off down the path again

AM xxx


I was first diagnosed in 1995, oestrogen positive ( as it was then known), lumpectomy only, recurrence 2000 followed by mastectomy. Recurrence 2018, by then many new developments and was found to be HER2 ( which I may have been previously) . This time there was local spread in nodes and areas through behind chest muscle. Have had chemotherapy + radiotherapy. Have Phesgo 3 weekly + Anastrozole. Was given prognosis of 2 years, just coming up to 5 years ago now. So, first had at age 55 am now 83.


Dear AM,

Thank you so much. Thats super helpful. I’ll take a look. xx

Dear Chrissy,

Gosh. You’ve had a ‘journey’ too haven’t you? Thank you so much for your reply. It means a great deal. Very much appreciated. How are you doing now? I hope you are feeling well. x

I’m fairly okay considering the length of continuous treatment coupled with my age. I have several other health issues also, some of which the treatment has exacerbated, so sometimes it’s hard to know what’s what! Overall I’m a pretty positive person and I’m still able to do Pilates Yoga and walking, albeit at my own pace and level.
I’m fortunate in that I have a couple of daughters who are very supportive and some great friends. I live on my own, so I’ve always ensued that I have friends and acquaintances to catch up with. I join in on groups at my local hospice and go to the BCN secondary group sessions
Wishing you well with your treatment and support systems ( so important to get support). It’s a different ballgame now to those early days of diagnosis. I’d no concept of ‘living with it’ at the start of this recent recurrence.
Be kind to yourself. X