cancer the 2nd time round on the other side this time

Hi I have had breast cancer on my left breast 7 years ago with a lumpecctomy, sentinel node biopsies and cavity shavings. I then had chemo and radiotherapy. 

Now 7 years later have found a lump on my right breast which turns out to be a lobular cancer which apparently is difficult to see on the ultra sound or mammogram. After the biopsies came back that it is  cancer I was so shocked, overwhelmed and very anxious.

I just want to chat to someone who has gone through a similar scenario where a new cancer has developed as its different to the old one and how they are after all the treatment has finished, what they are like nowadays and what their prognosis is etc.


I am just devastated and so upset



Hi Pippi,

Sorry to see what’s happened, what a shock after having been through it once already.

There are certainly others here who’ve had a new primary as well as those who’ve had a recurrance.

This is a quieter part of the forum, so do have a look at the ‘recently diagnosed’ part of the forum, where there is a section for those with recurrance or a new primary. I would post the link, but my iPad does some strange things when I try this.

Sending hugs

ann x

Hi pippi, I’m sorry to see you are going through this for a second time but you are not alone and we have several ladies here who are too, I’ve added a couple of links for you ?