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I recently purchased a book called Cancer Vixen by Marisa Marchetto. It is in Cartoon format (hardback) and she basically describes her life through cartoon from the start of her breast cancer journey through all the treatment. It is an amazing book and is really funny (even though breast cancer is serious) you will laugh out loud at some of the cartoons. I would recommend it to anyone it is an upbeat book about kicking cancer’s backside

I have that book too. Really good isn’t it. And what made it even more special is that someone I have never met gave it to me! My sister is a journalist and she mentioned that I have BC in one of her articles. She got some lovely letters from women in the same boat as well as this book from a girl who is in her twenties like me. Her mum had cancer when she was a teenager. She thought I’d esp like it as I’m an artist and art teacher. Isn’t that lovely!

I agree, Cancer Vixen is an excellent book. How she managed to make me laugh out loud at things that at the time they happened to me were so not funny! Really uplifting in a strange kind of way xxxx

Hi angee and teacup and paulie

I thought you might like to know that Cancer Vixen is also available online at

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Hi all

I heard about Cancer Vixen by reading Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, Marisa Marchetto is part of cancer posse. Check out the crazy sexy Cancer website. Some of the book is aimed at American women i.e claiming insurance to pay bills etc but some of the emotional tips are excellent and I found it refreshing to read a younger womans perspective on cancer.

Thanks for the tips girls. I am going to treat myself to it straight away.

Love and luck to all. Shonagh xx

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr is excellent also, as is the www. I too found it really honest and refreshing, especially the part about what to say to someone with cancer: “Don’t tell us about people you know who died, it won’t bring us closer”. I felt like getting this printed on a t shirt!!

Happy reading!

Angee xxx

Great, I will definitely check those out. Thanks very much Ann, Shonagh and Angee. xx

me too!!!

tho my OH really fancies me with my shaved head… its not a deterent help!!!

Julie xxxx

girls, thought this book sounded interesting - is it suitable for people that have finished treatment ?

vez xx

Well I bought it 3 years after I was diagnosed. If you been through chemo and rads and surgery you will appreciate this book

One of the funny things in it was went she went to the oncologist and she was offered a choice of heavy chemo or CMF which the oncologist said was light chemo… The cartoon shows a can of fizzy pop with Chemo Lite written on it. Its so funny. You can only really appreciate it if you read it. Also another cartoon shows her white blood cells dressed in army uniform and after chemo they are holding up the white flag.

Its an amazing book.