Cancers back after 5 years :-(

Hi all, I remember this site gave me so much support 5 years ago when I was dx with DCIS (at 27) I had a bi lat mast with an immediate reconstruction. Told that the dcis was only 1mm and I’m 100% cured. I have had issues with kidney stones the last three years and recently had a ct scan so see if they were back. (Luckily) they caught the bottom of my lung on the scan and saw 3 nodules, 2 on one side and one on the right. I was told that they were prob nothing and they would keep an eye on them. This was 18 months ago. The most recent scan showed growth in the nodules so I had a vats wedge biopsy with today I found out was metastatic breast cancer. I’m so shocked!

Thought was well over All this cancer lark.

Hi again lucramsey i also replied on your recurrence thread so wont repeat it all here… Just sorry your here… Also have lung mets and 1 month into a new trial drug for TNBC… Was node neg at original diagnosis, but had a recurrence in nodes 2 yrs ago now mets… It cr@p but not as cra@p as what a curveball you have.