Cancerversory thanks a bunch ?

Sorry im not being very positive but tommorow its 2 years since primary diagnosis last year i was celebrating making it through the barrage of ? that comes with the treatments, relatively unscathed although shell shocked

on new years eve i raised a glass to a happy cancer free year looking forward to moving forward a little

roll on 2 weeks and im having the ct scan that was to within a few days rip all my hope from my grip …

Secondry breast cancer in my lungs how could this be? I was in the good stats ?? only had the tests because of a chest infection and an over cautious locum gp 

So here i am on watchful waiting no treatment yet anxious for my next scan  

No celebrating this year no high fiving in the club tropicana with my fellow treatment buddies (moving forward after bc threads) my cancerversory this year is a very different day its filled with a heavy heart 


I’m sorry you are experiencing this. It’s so tough. There is a lot of support on the forum and things do get easier 

It must be very difficult for you. I always wonder how I would feel if I had a primary diagnosis . There must be a constant worry of recurrence.

I was diagnosed secondary from the start but I am probably stronger knowing what I’m dealing with than worrying about it coming back. You will find your strength in time.