Candida or ant-candida diet.


Is there anyone on the forums that have had candida or is on an anti candida diet? I am having problems with indigestion and whilst I am on Omeprazole for it doesn’t always work and as I am stressing myself out about it the symptons get worse. The other symptons I have are typical of Candida.

Any information would be helpful.


bumping it up just in case anyone can help.

Candida is a nasty business and causes all sorts of different symptoms. Basically a low (preferably zero) sugar and zero yeast diet (for example no bread) will help. If your yeast production is totally and permanently imbalanced then you also need a low carbohydrate diet too as carbs will be broken down into sugar which will feed the yeast. I do recommend that you get nutritional advice from a qualified person who can investigate your case first though. Especially as, if it is a temporary imbalance, there is medication you can take which can help to rectify that imbalance.

Please do not self medicate and whilst you can safely exclude sugar and yeast from your diet I do NOT recommend you do anything else without consultation.

Please continue to eat a balanced, nutritional diet - I hope this helps and I wish you well.

Thank you Liz, I am going to see my GP who is very helpful and see if he will refer me to a dietician. I have to say that I do find it difficult to stay away from sugar, not chocolate bars but biscuits although I do try to eat quite healthily otherwise.
I am currently being treated at an oral clinic for Burning Mouth Syndrome but when I mentioned the indigestion they weren’t really interested but if it was acid reflux that might well cause the burning in the mouth.

There is a very good book on Candida but its important to remember you also need to remove moulds or mould producing food from your diet - mushrooms and cheese in particular, marmite and bread too! I did an anti candida diet for a year and it really did work (pre cancer and a few years ago). Using coconut oil and possibly taking caprylic acid suplements can help but i agree you are better off getting some specialist advice from a well experienced therapist in this field
Chemotherapy can promote candida and lead to overgrowth, so taking a really good mixed probiotic supplement may help, in mega doses for a couple of months

Good luck