Cann you feel your ADM mesh?

Hi everyone,

This seems a lovely supportive community.

I am now ten weeks on from a mastectomy and reconstruction with a silicon implant. Things are starting to settle down and the swelling has pretty much gone so I am pleased with the results.
However, I can feel two small bumps on the bottom of the breast and also a sort of lumpy texture all across. The surgeon thinks this may be the ADM mesh.

Can anyone else feel the mesh through their skin?

Thank you!

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I think it’s normal to be able to feel parts of the implant whilst it’s settling … I did check this out with the registrar when I went for a post op check up as I could feel the tip of the implant sitting at the top of my breast. She said it was perfectly normal as the implant had to sit somewhere and if it bothered me in future they could consider lipofilling. It really doesn’t bother me and the most reassuring thing to tell you is that as time as gone by (4 months), it has settled and softened nicely into the skin envelope.

Hope this helps x

Thanks so much Cheerful50 - that is very reassuring. I can feel the edge of the implant as I am fairly skinny and flat chested! However, it is starting to feel more natural as every week passes

isobel x

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