Cannabis compound could stop aggressive cancers from spreading

I was wondering if anybody else had seen this really interesting news in the Daily Mail (Daily Wail!) this morning. Apparently two doctors have discovered that when they exposed triple negative cancer cells to cannaboidol, a compound found within cannabis, the cells “stopped acting crazy and returned to a normal healthy state”.They have already tested this on mice and are starting further animal testing and are developing human trial models. A pill is still a long way off but one of the doctors has a sister who is suffering from hormone positive breast cancer and wants to hurry things along incase her cancer returns as hormone negative, “there is a deadline” he says. I don’t normally believe all that I read about cancer cures in the paper, but cannabis has been used by so many people who swear by it that I do have a good feeling about this, what does anybody else think?

Very interesting! There is so much negative research regarding the health implications of cannabis it’s fascinating to hear it might actually do some good & it’s natural too!!!

I’ve read it and Beeing tn can’t wait to see what happens

hero67 I was on a trial a couple of years ago of Sativex and its ingredients are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol so I wonder why this one you have read about should be so far of if sativex has already been approved. I chose not to continue on it but had I wanted to I could have the drug as a named patient. It was given to me for help with pain control.


I have watched a few interesting programmes about cannabis. It does have anti cancer and anti oxidant properties. In fact THC would cure most illnesses but it is the drug cartels and the petrochemical companies who stop its use. It was deemed a dangerous drug! Its as though the powers that be do not want us to be well. It keeps the population down if we are all popping our clogs of different diseases. Cannabis is a natural plant with medicinal properties that have been known for thousands of years. if they ever relax the laws on it the drug companies will be the first ones in there to make their cash and it will be as available as paracetamol. After being diagnosed with cancer and having chemo (god knows what toxins we are having put through our bodies) cannabis seems like a good option! I too have MS and I know that it benefits the symptoms of that too.
There is a man called (i think) Ricky Simmons in either America or Canada who extracts the natural Hemp from the cannabis and states to have cured terminally ill cancer patients with it. They take two droplets on their tongue twice a day and thats about it! he has been arrested so many times for supplying drugs but he keeps going. His first patient was his dad - bless him. One time when he was in court they would not allow the people he had cured of cancer to testify on his behalf! What does that tell you.
Have a look into it, it’s very interesting. Good luck with everything

A bit more info about cannabis ladies, phase I trial, i’ll watch with interest.
Moondog x