I was diagnosed back in 2010 and just lately I seem to be becoming very anxious that if it is going to return/spread then the time is getting closer.  I have booked a counselling session that I am hoping I will benefit from.  I am however keen to take some kind of preventative action as I am not on hormone therapy anymore.  I have heard a lot about cannabis oil and wondered if anyone has any advice on this.  I know it is somewhat controversial/illegal but I have read a lot about the benefits of it.  


Does anyone have any experience of this or advice to offer as to how I can find out more?  I am also interested in finding out more about Artemisinin, a herb/natural treatment that I have heard good reviews about.  Does anyone have any information/advice to share on either of these.  


Thank you.   

Dear Sunnday

I am sorry to read about your struggles.  You may be interested in our Moving Forward courses?  These have been designed specifically to help people transition once active treatment has finished.

You may also find it helpful to ask your questions to our nurses on theAsk Our Nurse area?  Alterntively you may prefer to talk to someone on our Helpline?  0808 800 6000.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer