Can't get Bondronat - anyone else??

Have been trying for a couple of days to pick up a repeat prescription for Bondronat for my bone mets and was finally told today that there is a manufacturing problem with them and the pharmacy has no idea when they will be getting them in ! (I live in North Norfolk). My GP failed to get back to me and I take my last pill in the morning!!! Has anyone else experienced this or do you know a likely alternative that may be prescribed to me. Its so annoying, I am really settled on these ones and worried about the consequences of missing out on the medication. Any info gratefully received ! Debbie x

Hi Debonair7

There is a website called which takes NHS and private prescriptions and which you can order from and provide your prescription details and NHS exemption certificate if needs be. You order it online and it should deliver the next day.

Hope you manage to get this sorted.
ruby xx

Hi Debbie

When I was first prescribed them my local chemist was told the same thing by the suppliers. They investigated further and got in touch with Roche who were really cross as there should have been no problem in getting the tablets. They did manage to get me some within a couple of days. What they did tell me was to make sure that I re-order them well in advnace, so I always have a box in stock so to speak. As soon as I go into my new box I order another one and give them a week to get them before I collect. It seems to work okay.

Sue xx

Only one pharmacy here in Bolton keeps Bondronat in stock – they used to have several of us using it, but now I think it’s just me. One issue is that it’s quite expensive, so pharmacists don’t like to leave it languishing on their shelves, potentially going out of date before someone comes for it. But I’m taking Sue’s advice to order early, to make sure I don’t have an interruption.

Debbie, hope you get hold of some Bondronat soon, and please don’t panic if it takes a couple of days – I think our drugs stay in our systems for quite a while, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a problem for you.

Marilyn x

Thanks ladies, found another chemist who had one last pack and they have put my name on it phew - will re order earlier in future xx

Hello everyone

I cannot get mine either. I put the prescription in over a week ago and they still can’t get it. I’ve run out of tablets now, and am getting slightly anxious about it, but there’s nothing I can do.

Claire x

Hi Claire

LIke I said earlier, the chemist will need to contact the manufacturers Roche to sort out the supply. My chemist was told by their usual suppliers (like the middle men, so to speak) that they couldn’t get it as there were problems with the manufacturer. Roche were furious, as far as they were concerned there was no problem. So, my first packet was about a week later than I expected to get it and I was told to order well in advance. I have had no problems since then.

Sue xx

Hi Claire
Does your local hospital have a pharmacy? It may be worth trying them. I know it won’t help on this occasion but I also do what Sue and a few others do by ordering early. They are very expensive and although I am on other medication that I can get 2-3 months supply on 1 prescription my GP won’t put more than 1 month’s supply of Bondronat.
Good Luck with getting your soon.
Nicky xx

I’d just like to reiterate SuzyV’s post-if you are having problems with your medicine supply you can ask your pharmacist to contact the manufacturer directly and they should then be able to send out the drug very quickly.

Hi Everyone
Thanks for your replies. I saw the GP yesterday and she phoned the Onc at the hospital to tell him she was concerned I couldn’t get the drug. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t prescribe one of the ‘sister’ drugs to Bondronat, but the Onc told her that Bondronat is the only drug that is licensed for metastatic bc so it has to be that. He (the Onc) was cross that the supplier companies cannot get it and said that Roche (the manufacturer) have a duty of care to make the drug available and that it was up to me to find a pharmacy who would phone Roche for it if their supplier coulndn’t get it. I went to my local Boots, and they phoned Roche straightaway and got it posted to Boots the next day. So I am pleased, but rather frustrated that patients have to go to these lengths. Surely the surgery’s pharmacist is reponsible for getting the drugs in and if there’s a prob with the supplier, they should sort it out!

Love and hugs to all,
Claire x

I’ve read all the other posts with interest as I’ve spent the past week trying to get some 50mg Bondronat. Roche told me today there is NO supply problem, but about ten chemists have told me that they can’t even place an order and several have said it’s because this drug is selling for more money in Europe! I’ve been back onto my hosp pharmacy who don’t stock 50mg as standard either! Roche asked for my chemist to phone them directly, which he is prepared to do once he has the script back in his hand (and I’m snowed in!!) but has accused Roche of merely passing the buck (me!) back to him. GP loath to prescribe a repeat early so I can have a packet spare, because of costs, and I’m dreading my next repeat at Christmas with trading days lost! I am just about ready to tear out my newly grown hair!! Maybe if we all phone/email Roche en masse they will have to tell the truth or at least challenge the middle men who are maybe the ones selling this on??
Good luck to all of you out there!

…and…just registered at chemist direct but site tells me Bondronat is only available as a private prescription. Phoned and spoke to pharmacist who couldn’t find either Ibandronic acid or Bondronat on the website…I despair as there are now six calls in front of me in their queue.

Hi Vallog

I had an initial problem getting it but my local (Co-Op) pharmacy have been excellent. They had to get it direct from the manufacturer and we have a system in place so that I re-order as soon as I start my next box, so they always have plenty of time to get it. I have been on these tablets for a year now and only had a few days wait initially until they sorted out the supply route.

I am sure if you explain to your doctor they will give you another presription so that you get continuity in your treatment.

Good luck Sue


i regularly have a problem not being able to get bondronat too, i use boots pharmacy and they are very good at sortin it out with the manufacturer, even tho they still cant quite grasp the fact that until i go to collect the prescription if its not in then they have to chase rahter than think ahead oh its not come in we must chase it. but they then get on and do it politely and not much i can do bout that!

anywya now i try and order 10-14days in advance i also have the same trouble with femara. it gets so frustratin! butive learnt to never be honest and tell the chemist how much tablets i actually have left i generally leave 4 days as my own back up and deny having them. naughty i know, but when our lives depend on the meds its necessary.


I always have trouble getting it too. I order about 3 weeks in advance and it usually takes the pharmacy at least 10-14 days to get it in for me. I do have 8 weeks supply on my prescription though which is something!

Hi ladies,

Thanks for your comments.

I’ve now contacted the PALS service at my hosp in the hope that they can raise awareness about this issue. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Also going to see my GP about an early repeat, though when she first had to add this drug to my ever increasing record nearly fell off the chair at the cost and asked me not to stockpile it! I told her ‘I’m worth it’! Let’s see if she thinks so too!

I’m not sure who, if anyone, has the authority to stop the wholesalers denying this treatment to NHS patients by selling it on privately in Europe.

Good luck with looking into this. I did try reporting it to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency back in the spring when I first started on this drug, but all they said was that Roche weren’t reporting any production problems at the time. They also said that there were only 2 wholesalers AAH and Alliance Healthcare. I think I will report it again as it seems to be a general problem.

I picked up my prescription yesterday and the Pharmacist told me that they get it direct from Roche the manufacturer. There is no problem with supply from them.


Bumping this thread up for Tracy.

Thanks Belinda…

Very worrying… People dont need that added pressure as well as dealing with everything else!!

I will get chemist to ring manufacturer if I still have problems as suggested by one lady…

I don’t know… sometimes it makes you think you don’t know what to think!!!