Can't seem to move on.

Hi All

Just got back from the hospital for my monthly zoladex injection, and feel really down, even though I have had some good news.

About a month ago, I had an abdomen scan and was told at the time that I had gallstones. Told everyone(luckily not the kids!!!), but when I went today my onc said the scan had come back clear and there were no stones.
I was fuming as it made me look like I had made it all up, but if the radiologist hadn’t told me at the time, I would have been none the wiser.

Good news I know, but it still doesn’t explain the pain that I keep getting.

I also mentioned that I had felt a lump next to my scar and have worried myself sick about it, he tried to reassure me that it felt like scar tissue.

I have been told to stop taking my warfarin today too.

And I’ve been told I will be ok to fly.

SO…all in all a good day, but I don’t seem to be happy about it, because I don’t feel myself and they don’t seem to be able to convince me otherwise.

I really do want to feel “normal” again, but don’t know how to drag myself back to it.

Sorry for the moan…just the way I am feeling.

Take care


Hi Angiebabes

You have every right to moan, I always found it useful to have a good whinge and let people know how I was feeling. It might take a while to feel normal again, you might never feel like you did, hopefully you will feel better than before. What you have been through and are still going through is life changing, you will be happy again and you will get your strength back, if you dont feel happy today then thats fine, you are entitled to feel however you want to and do not have to apologise for it, tomorrow is another day and you never know what joy it might bring you.

Best wishes.