cant sleep

does anyone else suffer from not sleeping? Here I am tapping away on my laptop everyone seems very quiet!!! x

Hi Kayty,
I have just registered, you are my first post. you online?


No I am just the same, and it’s three years since I was diagnosed! We will be tired tomorrow!
Debbie x

Hi girls

Battery run out and must have fallen asleep!!! I am crackers me at the moment!!!

Kay x


When I was first dx in December 07 I couldnt sleep would go to bed for a couple of hours then up for the rest of the day. I can recall it lasted about a weekuntil I had more information about bc and what was going to happen.

I still have odd days when I cant sleep.

me too - diagnosed in nov 07 and slept so fitfully it was weird - now post op and on chemo…i’ll sleep for a few hours and then be wide awake for hours… i’ve stopped worrying about it and just nap when i feel tired. Hope all goes well for you