Can't stop eating !

Since stoppoing chemo and starting armidex, I hoped my appetite would subside. However it is even more enormous. I am putting on so much weight it is awful and no clothes fit anymore. I would be interested here of exercises people have used after chemo (still tired so not too strenous !) and eating regime to shift this weight. i am desparate as never had a problem with muy weight before.


Hi Rachael,

I’ve just finished chemo,too, and am struggling to avoid putting on weight.Going on Tamoxifen next. It’s so lovely to get your sense of taste and appetite back,which doesn’t help!

I’m determined to try to choose low calorie foods to nibble inbetween meals and keep away from biscuits,chocolate,crisps,etc. it’s really important that we get down to our ideal weight for our height and build, to reduce the risk of our ca recurring, so I think it is worth making every effort to eat healthily.Trying to eat more vegetables.

The trick is to have a supply of low calorie things in the cupboard and fridge. Also, drinks can fill you up. I try to have a drink of water first before I open the cupboard!

I’m also trying to have a walk every day, as it’s been proven to help us recover and stay well, costs nothing, and the fresh air is of benefit, too, of course.Hoping to eventually build up to speed walking…but that will be next year, as I have rads to do yet.

It is difficult, because we are still recovering. But even a gentle walk is better than sitting about indoors.And uses up more calories!

I’ve decided to be realistic and am trying to lose only 1 lb per week. I’ll let you know how I get on. Plan B would be half a pound, but at least the scales will be going in the right direction!
Best wishes,
Ann x

I am off chemo, had surgery and am now on rads. I have six weeks to go until its done.
My appetite is normal again, but the steroids really did me in. I have gained at least 30 lbs on top of a not so skinny form already!

After surgery, I figured I could start a moderate diet. Liverbird is correct, it takes both exercise and healthy eating to keep cancer at bay…avoid recurrence.
I do the steps program; 10,000 steps a day. I have a pedometer and just watch my steps each day. When I started, it was only 5,000 steps, but as I increased my walking, it averaged about 10,000 steps. Some days higher, some lower. 10,000 steps equals about 5 miles a day = so if you are feeling under the weather due to your treatment, its good to know that you are getting some execise.

Coupling the steps with a low fat, healthy diet should help you. I am sure looking forward to it.

Best of luck to you.


Munch, well yes… munch,… I can identify…, munch,… with the feeling,… munch. One stone heavier… munch… who blooming cares…munch…not me!


One of the side effects of tamoxafin can be weight gain, can I blame my extra weight on that, or the large bag of malteezers and 4 sausages I have just eaten!!

Hi Ladies,
I have put on about 1 stone or more since dx on 7th April. I am a comfort eater and always have been. No matter how hard I try I can’t improve my diet as all I want is convenience and stodgey food. Mind you anyone I talk to about it say just go with it, it’s your body talking to you, we have plenty of time later. We shall see but I am determined that in the New Year when chemo and rads are all over I am going to hit the gym, eat better and get fit and lighter, anything to prevent this bugger coming back. I won’t do anything drastic just exercise and healthy eating and treats in moderation. I went to a dietician a couple of weeks ago and she told me what I already know, cut out the rubbish high calorie foods, like I didn’t know that.

It is funny how we can joke about it but I know that most of us deep down have a few niggles about it, but rest assured ladies I will do that triathlon I had planned before dx.

Hope all of you are enjoying the galaxy cake bars with your big mugs of tea.

Hi again,

I didn’t have a good day yesterday because our neighour brought us some plums from a friends tree, and my lovely husband made a delicious plum crumble with them! Lovely with a couple of spoons of icecream!! I made myself eat a big plate of steamed vegetables first, so I didn’t feel too guilty!!

What I hate is looking at the rolls of fat on my tummy when I sit in the bath, feel like a baby whale, and it’s not funny!

Anyway, just keep trying most of the time, because it has been proven to help. I picked up a leaflet at the hospital recently, and it says being overweight increases the risk of all types of cancer, not just breast. if that is so, we are going to see the numbers shoot up in this country, unless people make an effort to change their diets. if you do it gradually, it’s not too difficult, and there’s loads of delicious things to eat which aren’t heavily laden with fat and sugar. Your taste buds alter if you stick with it!! I used to be one for smothering everything savoury with mayonnaise, but I’m learning to just have a little. And a treat once a week won’t do any harm, no need to be that hard on yourself.

I am doing this after finishing chemo, by the way. My poor appetite and cravings for salty foods during chemo would have made it hard to even worry about losing weight. I was just focussing on eating anything at all some days!!

best wishes to you all. This is not easy, but we can do it with a bit of determination to look after ourselves.

Ann xx