Can't stop prodding!

3 days left to get mammogram results and like most of us having mixed emotions.
I can’t stop myself from prodding and pushing at my boob to see if it still feels tender or any new lumps. Anyone else do the same?
I don’t know if it’s good or bad that it feels tender or if all my pushing at it for the past month has made it sore. I am so fed up of waiting and want my life back.
Sorry for negativity tonight.

I am the same with the prodding! I have my appointment at the breast clinic on Thursday - found a fibroadenoma in Sept last year and have now found another lump in the same breast.  Its such a worrying waiting time. Xx

Thanks for the replies ladies. I have tried so hard not to prod it today so keeping myself distracted eating chocolate!
Hope both your appts go well. Xx