Cant stop worrying

This is my first post as Ive been reading this site for a few days but have not known what to say.
I noticed a change in my breast a few months ago but did not do anything about it as my Mum had just been diagnosed and I thought I was being paranoid!! Then about 6 weeks ago I found a small lump which seemed to go up and down in size, and alot of the area in that breast just did not feel right. Went to breast clinic last Saturday (my appointment took a week!!) and the consultant could not find my little lump but did discover some thickning of the breast tissue and also my skin looks a little puckered,mamogram and scan are on Thursday he said dont worry too much that if the size of the lump changes with my cycle and I did not tell him that the lump I found was totally different and the area he found does not change at all as I just wanted to get out of the room. I am now so worried as I knew months ago something wasnt right and I should have gone sooner, I am also sure the breast is slightly swolen.
My head says your 37 with no real family history and my illogical side is saying that I knew it wasnt right!! Is this normal?
Just looking for reassurance or info really!!!

Hi Rosie, I’m very new on here, was only diagnosed on Monday. I just wanted to wish you all the best for Thursday, I hope it all goes well for you. Love and Luck. LooLoo x

Hi Rosie 37
dont know if this will be reassuring or not, I found a hardening in my breast in December 2007 which then led to puckering, however I did not go to the Doctors until the following September, in my case it did turn out to be lobulla cnacer, but I have been told that most breast changes are not. I am being treated with good prognosis. The mammogramm and scan will show anything up, Take a good friend or family with you and writesome questions down before you go.
Please take some reassurence that I waited 9 months (although I am not recommeding this), and although it was bad news there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

good luck for Thursday

Best wishes
Sharon C

Just thought I’d comment and give you some advice following my experience.

For your own piece of mind I think it is important to be fully satisfied with the tests they do. I have only just been diagnosed but it has been a very complicated pathway ( and still is). When I first went to the clinic they felt my thickened area and didn’t think it was BC at all. They wanted me to return in 6 weeks to check it out and do a FNA(fine needle aspiration). I insisted that they do an FNA there and then. Although I had results that day that said all was fine , they recalled me two weeks later to say they had looked again at the cells and found them to be suspicious. I’ve since had more tests ( mammo,ultrasound both not showing anything) and another suspicious biopsy.

There seem to be many situations where BC does not show on a mammo or ultrasound.Apparantly more so if you are younger (I’m 37 too) Usually a FNA or biopsy will pick abnormalities up.At the end of the day two suspicious results have been enough for my consultant to do a lumpectomy and go from there.For me, I feel happier that he is being very thorough.

So I think what I am saying is push for what you feel happy with. I don’t want to scare you and I’m sure my situation is not common but I often wonder when mine would have been detected if I had not insisted on that first FNA.

Good luck at your appointment.

Love Freddie xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Rosie 37
just posted again to keep yourprofile high

Hi Rosie,

My lump also did not show up on mammogram or ultrasound properly,
but after lumpectomy was found be a Grade 3. The consultant did comment on puckred skin, but my lump was only 1/2" inch in size.If they decide to do a biopsy on the lump, this will tell you whether it tests positive for breast cancer or not and they will then give you the necessary advice.

It seems with breast cancer, no two people have the same symptons
or types of breast cancer and lumps can be of varying sizes.

The waiting in my experience in all of this is the worse, unless you
can go private of course. 5 Day wait for bioposy result, and another 2 weeks for results following any surgery that is carried out.

You need to bear in mind though, that a lot of ladies who find lumps are lucky in that they test negative for breast cancer and no further
action is needed.

Good luck and keep posting when you find out further news. this site is a god sense for anybody worried or newly diagnosed

Hi All
Thanks for the posts its bizare because I walking around thinking everyone else looks happy and ok so it must just be me, then I come on here and think no its not just me and stuff happens, am astounded by the bravery of the women on this site!! Will probably be back after Thursday with a lot more questions… Thanks again
Andrea xxxxx

I just wanted to wish you good luck for Thursday. I found a lump in my breast a couple of months ago. I went to see my GP the next day as I have a big family history. He refered me to the hospital but said he wasn’t concerned as I’m only 28. I had to wait nearly 7 weeks before seeing a consultant only to be told the same thing again, no rush you’re not 30 yet. I have my scan on Wednesday, but havn’t got an appointment for the results until 2 1/2 months later. I’m glad to hear this isn’t the case with other people though and at least you’re being seen quickly. Make sure you write down eerything you want to ask and let us kow how you get on

Hi All
Went for Mamogram and Scan today, the scan lady said everything looked fine but to still atend my appointment in 2 weeks to speak with the consultant about the results and if he wants to do anything more. So on the one hand I am reall relieved there is nothing obvious on the oth hand I have a slight nagging doubt that Im not quite out of the wood yet, but looking better than it did yesterday!!!