cant they just tell me!!!

hey, i wanted to talk to someone who actually knew what they are talking about, awhile ago(maybe 5 or 6 mths.) I notice my breast was changing shape.I went to clinic and got a mammogram and then an ultrasound. they said there was nothing. I felt like a reprimanded child for wasting their time.Ive been trying to keep my prob a secret from my fam because they all tell me I need to go back but im afraid the docs will be mad at me for whining(I know i sound lame)but now I’m having rib/breast pain and the dimpling is worse,also the nipple is starting to turn out.I know this sounds rediculous, but im afraid they will call me a hypercondriac or just blow me off. I have no insurance and am very afraid to challenge a doctor…if u can tell me anything, please help.I feel trapped and im tired of not knowing and crying because I dont know what to do…I’m 26 so they look at me like its immpossible to be sick…

Hello Zoe
You need to go back to your GP and ask for a referral to a breast clinic / breast surgeon. It’s not easy to do but just insist quietly and don’t feel bad about doing it. That’s what they’re paid for. It’s probably nothing but you need to be seen again and you’ll worry until you’ve had a mammogram, ultrasound etc. And - unfortunately - 26 is not too young - unusual yes but it’s quite possible to have breast cancer in your twenties. Do something about it tomorrow and don’t let them put you off.
Good luck and let us know what happens. Love Anthi x

Hi Zoe,

It’s your body and you must take care of it. Go back to your doctor and as Anthi says, quietly insist. Ask to be examined and explain the difference in the breast from your previous visit. Take someone with you who is good at talking and if you get too upset to talk, ask them to take over. I went through the same as you and it was only on my 3rd visit to the clinic that my cancer was found.

Is there a lady doc at your surgery? Or go to the one you feel most comfortable with. Explain you fears and say how you were treated at the clinic and that you are afraid it will happen again. Find out the names of the Consultants at your clinic and ask if you can see a different one.

Do it Zoe, don’t mess about. it may be nothing but you will make yourself ill if you don’t get it sorted.

You could call the BCC helpline tomorrow and talk to someone there. The number is 0808 800 6000.


emmbee and anthi~ u guys rock, I think that is what I needed to hear, I have two small kids and I’m sposed to be the strong one right? I just feel like I’m caught in a corner with no insurance and no money, This is what I keep telling myself, I go in,they tell me I’m full of it,I just wasted 60 bucks I could have fed my kids with. But then I hear myself say, what if u are sick,how will u feed those babies when ur dead? I want to slap myself in the face and do the right thing, but my mom has always taught me unless ur really sick ur probably just a wimp and I cant seem to get myself past that. f it. I’m going to make that dang appt.

Dear Zoe,

As emmbee has already said you can always talk things over with our helpline staff who can offer information and support.

If you are phoning from outside the UK the number is +44 2076 200 077. The opening times are 9.00am- 5.00pm on weekdays and 9.00am- 2.00pm on Saturdays- these times are UK time.

Kindest regards

BCC Facilitator


I too realized from Zoe’s last post that she lives in another country. Not much we can do but offer encouragement. I do hope she lets us know how things are.