capcitebine tablets

Hi everyone
Has anyone forgotten to take a dose of tablets. I suddenly woke at 3am the other morning and realised i hadn’t taken them after my tea. Im on my 2nd round of tabs and they are alot easier to handle than the epi injections were but i need to constantly remind myself to take them. Does anyone know what to do if you miss one dose. I didn’t do anything about it as it was too late at that time.

Hi Jackie,
Have forgotten once and it was just after midnight and crept downstairs and had to have packet of crisps then wait a while then take tablets (don’t feel too good if I take them too long after food).
But the worst thing is that each week I sort the pills into a pill despenser thingy, and I am 6 500mg pills short! But can’t be bothered to tell anyone as this is my last lot.Either they were not counted properly when they were despensed or more likely, when I counted out the first weeks lot, I threw away some which were still in the foil push out thingy.So have divided the last few pills to decrease slowly.Chemo brain eh!!!