Cape/Zeloda - sore feet

Morning girls, Just at end of my first cycle of Cape and have got various S/E’s, which I was expecting, especially the burning feet thing. However, my left foot is much worse, especially on the ball of the foot, and I am having trouble walking any distance. Both my feet look normal, there is no redness, dryness or blistering and I have been putting Udderley on every night.

Just looking for your experiences/treatments and wondered if anyone has tried those gel insoles you can buy and if they work. If I dont find something, my poor dog will be taking herself for a walk.

Thank you

Hi Jane,

Welcome to the Xeloda club! I haven’t tried gel insoles, but agree that comfortable shoes are a must. I’m living overseas in a hot climate, so wear fitflop sandals most of the time which really help - they do boots and shoes which would be more appropriate for Britain at this time of year I guess! I find it amazing how sensitive my feet are: I had thought my old crocs would be good, but the little bumps on the footbed make them too uncomfortable.

Regarding creams, another couple I have used at varying times are flexitol and cavilon, both of which should be available on prescription.

Best of luck,

Hi Jane, re the burning, sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this too. I have often stood outside in my garden at night time, in winter, cooling off my bare soles on the flagstones!
My ‘burning’ doesn’t last long but it might be worth trying insoles, hope they might help. Would love to know if they are successful. Hope Capecitabine works well for you, I’ve been on this chemo since 2008. x

Hi Jane,

I had trouble with my feet and had to have the dose reduced. didn’t really want to but after two cycles I couldn’t walk so had little choice.
I still have problems but no where near what I had at first. You can also get Aveeno on prescription which help with the cooling down if the feet. I’ve also brought gel packets but haven’t had to use them yet.
Good luck with the se effect and I hope they settle down for you. I had a scan after the third cycle and it showed that the fluid that had reaccumalated in my lung had decreased. Wishing you good vibes.
Take care
Chris xxxx

Hi belinda
Lovely to hear someone on as a maintenance. I’m starting as fourth line but exhausted as 3 complete other cycles other combinations back to back . Hoping easier than platinum. Do u have liver mets ? Are you hormone. Pos . Sorry for questions
Jo x

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Hi Jo, Good Luck, I hope you will find this chemo easier to tolerate than the previous ones.
I was diagnosed stage 4 from the beginning after a spontaneous hip fracture. (in 2003) Have bone mets and I’m er+ her2-…also had spread to both ovaries but one is now showing on scan as ‘normal’ and the other is mostly a cyst. There are other ladies, with liver mets, that have had longer than me with this chemo, one lady has been on this chemo for either 8 or 9 years…Love Belinda…x

Hi Jo - I’ve been taking capecitabine for over 8 years, for my liver & bone mets - 1000mg x twice a day, two weeks on and one week off. Hope you get a good result with it, too! xx