Just starting first cycle 2nd week had some good advice. I am struggling with fatigue and energy aswell as indigestion and wind. Heard it gets easier after first few cycles. Had no issues with palbo. Think I’m looking for reassurance. Anyone.

Hi Rorymaisie,

Just seen your post and like you I’m to change my current treatment to Cape.

If you go to the newest posts you’ll see my first one and there’s a reply from another lady who has just started just started also.

Have a look and then the three of us can compare symptoms. 

All the best xx

Hi RoryMaisie and Timmycat,

I too started Cape a week ago but had to stop on Friday. I had what might have been a bad migraine? Never had headaches before so nothing to compare it with. The head and jaw pain was very bad and then left me with visual disturbance/ off balance. Consultant said to stop the meds so we can be sure it’s that what’s caused it however he had never heard of this happening before. I stopped meds’ Friday and I feel ok now. I’m really hoping for a dose reduction to see if it that can be more manageable as I don’t want to give up on this yet. I feel I’m on a very high dose… 2150 twice a day. I know it’s worked out on height and weight… I’m 5’6” and weigh 13.5 stone size 16. On these boards and the American boards I can find anybody on this dose. Am I the “ biggest” person in the Western Hemisphere taking Cape ? x